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Our Team

Austin Law Group strives to provide high quality legal services at reasonable fees, while maintaining an atmosphere compatible with the creative and adventurous nature of our clients.


Alex Austin

As the founding member of the firm, Alex’s 20 plus years of legal skills and record of success have earned them international recognition as a highly skilled attorney in both transactional and litigation settings. Alex is an advocate keenly focused on delivering results for their clients – on understanding the problems they face and developing innovative strategies to resolve them. Alex's clients get the benefit of their Pitbull advocacy,  their keen sense of humor, and their commitment to kindness, integrity and service. 

Julien Swanson

After 20 years as a litigator and advocate, Julien (“JT”) Swanson brings to Austin Law Group extensive experience in complex, multi-faceted litigation, specializing in cases involving civil rights and discrimination. It is widely recognized that no matter where he shows up, JT is fully equipped to do battle or find creative ways to resolve disputes. When he takes on a case, his clients reap the benefit of his considerable experience and intense personal investment.




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